The goal of Android App Development Training course is to provide developers easy and complete understanding of application.World is contracting with the growth of mobile phone technology.

Operating Systems have developed a lot in last 15 years. Starting from black and white phones to recent smart phones or mini computers, mobile OS has come far away.One of the most widely used mobile OS these days is ANDROIDAndroid is a software bunch comprising not only operating system but also wide range of key applications.

1. Introduction to mobile computing

2.Installing of Android Studio and the latest SDK Tools 

3.Creating your first Android Application






9.Background tasks

10.Connecting to the Internet




13.User Interaction – input, menu items, custom views

14.User Experience – themes and styles, material design, adaptive layouts, accessibility, localization, debugging the UI

15.Storing Data, SQLite database

16.Sharing Data, content resolvers and providers, loaders to load data

17.Services, background work

18.Alarms, broadcast receivers

19.Notification, widgets

20.Transferring data efficiently

21.Publishing app

22.Multiple form factors, sensors, Google cloud messaging, monetizing your app