Our Amaravathi Finishing school will aim to provide an environment in the school that encourages the development of “Multiple Intelligences” & inner talents of the children, facilitating them to express through music, creative and performing arts like drawing. The schools will also aim to provide wide open spaces and play grounds to encourage and conduct variety of games, sports, Kolatam classes, dance calisthenics to inculcate qualities of team spirit, leadership and development of skills in organizing ability, interpersonal relations, planning & problem solving. There are also Fancy Jewellery making.  This school  encourages technical skills for kids like robotics, DO&LEARN make projects&crafts with waste materials/used items of house.


Python Programming:Object-oriented programming is possible with Python, a computer language which is gaining traction and carving a niche for itself in the high performance computing space. Almost eight out of ten Computer Science departments and 27 of the top 39 were found to be teaching Python at the introductory level.Owing to the fact that it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Today, a large number of organizations are migrating and transitioning to Python.

Famous projects using Python: Instagram, Google, Facebook, YouTube

Web applications:

PHP. It is one of most frequently used website coding languages. Its syntax is similar to that one the C language has.

Famous projects using PHP: Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress