Welcome to the world's best Android app development course. Our complete Android app development course introduce you how to code using Java and build beautiful Android apps for smart phones and tablets.

If you are so enthusiastic  to learn Android, this  course help you  to build the solid foundation and skills you need to take you anywhere  in the Android world.

Android development course overview

1. Introduction

Introduction to Mobile Computing

Introduction to Android Development Environment

2. Factors in Developing Mobile Applications

Mobile Software Engineering

Frameworks and Tools

Generic UI Development

Android User

3. More on UIs

VUIs and Mobile Apps

Text-to-Speech Techniques

Designing the Right UI

Multichannel and Multimodial UIs

4. Intents and Services

Android Intents and Services

Characteristics of Mobile Applications

Successful Mobile Development

5. Storing and Retrieving Data

Synchronization and Replication of Mobile Data

Getting the Model Right

Android Storing and Retrieving Data

Working with a Content Provider

6. Communications Via Network and the Web

State Machine

Correct Communications Model

Android Networking and Web

7. Telephony

Deciding Scope of an App

Wireless Connectivity and Mobile Apps

Android Telephony

8. Notifications and Alarms


Performance and Memory Management

Android Notifications and Alarms

9. Graphics

Performance and Multi threading

Graphics and UI Performance

Android Graphics and

10. Multimedia

Mobile Agents and Peer-to-Peer Architecture

Android Multimedia

11. Location

Mobility and Location Based Services


12. Putting It All Together 

Packaging and Deploying

Performance Best Practices

Android Field Service App

13. Security and Hacking 

Active Transactions

More on Security

Hacking Android

14. Platforms and Additional Issues

Architecture, Design, Technology Selection

Mobile App Development Hurdles


15.Facility to work with clients on live (real) projects.