Learning Python will give you more opportunities for jobs and career advancement because Python is one of the most requested skills in 2017.This course assumes no previous programming or Python experience.

Python Training Content Overview

1.Introduction to Script

What is SCRIPT

What is a program?

Formal and natural languages

Types of Scripts

Difference between Script & Programming Languages

Features of Scripting

Limitation of Scripting 

2.Introduction to Python

What is Python?

Kinds of programs process

Characteristics of Python

History of Python

Python Version

How to Download

How to Install Python

Install Python with Diff IDEs

Features of Python

Limitation of Python

Python Applications

Creating Your First Python Program

Using Command Prompt and GUI or IDE

Execute the Script

Learn Python Main Function

Python Comments

3.Variables in Python

What is Variable?

How to declare and use a variable

Re-declare a Variable

Concatenate Variables

Local & Global Variables

Delete a variable

Python Keywords

Python Identifiers

Python Literals

4.Python Operators and Operands

Operator precedence

Arithmetic Operators

Comparison Operators

Python Assignment Operators

Logical Operators or Bitwise Operators

Membership Operators

Identity Operators

5.Python Conditional Statements

How to use “if condition” in conditional structures

What happen when “if condition” does not meet

How to use “else condition”

When “else condition” does not work

How to use “elif” condition

How to execute conditional statement with minimal code

Nested IF Statement

6.Python LOOPS

How to use “While Loop”

How to use “For Loop”

How to use For Loop for set of other things besides numbers

Break statements in For Loop

Continue statement in For Loop

Enumerate function for For Loop

Practical Example

How to use for loop to repeat the same statement over and again

Break, continue statements

7.Learning Python Strings

Accessing Values in Strings

Various String Operators

Some more examples

Python String replace() Method

Changing upper and lower case strings

Using “join” function for the string

Reversing String

Split Strings

8.Facility to work with clients on live (real) projects.