Python is a powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language. The syntax is simple and code length is short which makes is easy to understand and write.If you are getting started in programming, Python is an awesome choice. You will be amazed how much you can do in Python once you know the basics.

This is a comprehensive guide on how to get started in Python, why  should you learn it and how can you learn it.It has wide range of applications from Web development (like: Django and Bottle), scientific and mathematical computing.


2.Getting started with python

3.Installing Python3

4.Running python programs

5.Datatype & Variables

6.Python numbers

7.Python Strings

8.Python Lists

9.Python Dictionaries

10.Python Tuples

11.Datatype conversion


12.Python Control Statements

13.Python Functions

14.Python Loops

15.Python Mathematical Function

16.Python Generating Random numbers

17.Python File Handling

18.Python Object and Classes

19.Python Operator Overloading

20.Python inheritance and polymorphism

21.Python Exception Handling

22.Python Modules