Sample Resume for Freshers

As a Fresher, your Resume is one of the most important tool to get you a job interview, hence it deserves dedicated time and attention. Remember that as you have no full time work experience, you will be valued by employers for your attitude, skills and ability to work and deliver in teams. And the key in writing an impactful resume is to present a match between your qualities and the requirement of the job.


Your resume must stand out enough to make it to a second round of reviews. Prospective employers spend an average of less than six seconds looking at each resume. It’s incredibly difficult to convey your candidacy for a position in that amount of time so you need to demonstrate your value by creating a resume that is visually discernible from the rest.We help the best in making your own resume.

There are different formats that you can chose from, when deciding on how your resume should be displayed:

1. A chronological resume

2.A functional resume

The following information is necessary while making your resume:

  • A) Contact Information – It is extremely important to supply your contact details on your resume. Some applicants forget this basic yet very essential piece of information. Don’t forget to write your mailing address, telephone or mobile number and your email address. You would be amazed at how many job seekers make mistakes when filling out their contact details.
  • B) Career Profile – Here you should include a brief summary of your skills and areas of expertise. This will quickly give the potential employer an idea as to what you can do.
  • C) Work Experience – Include all your work history experience, preferably including the company, job title, responsibilities and the dates of the companies where you are currently working or previously associated with..
  • D) Education – Include all your educational qualifications here. Ensure you include ALL your education, including licenses or certifications you have acquired.
  • E) Skills – Mention any relevant skills in terms of software and hardware systems and other technical skills.