1.Quantitative Aptitude

Number systems

AP GP Series



Profit &Loss

Ratio, Proportion and Variation

Time and work

Time, Speed and Distance


Quadratic Equations


Permutations and Combinations


2. Problem-solving 

Data Sufficiency problems

Data Interpretation

Crypto arithmetic

Logical Reasoning Puzzles

3.Verbal Ability 

Fill in the blanks

Jumbled paragraph questions

Reading comprehension

 Campus Recruitment Tests is a combination of tests to help under-graduate students prepare for the first round  of the  campus  recruitments  at  various management and engineering colleges across the country. Aptitude test is an integral part of any campus selection test and would prepare students for  all the  major   companies visiting   their  college. Besides,  there  are  company specific  tests  for  Infosys,  TCS and  IBM  created  after  deep  analysis of the  previous  year  campus  recruitment papers  and will act  as a  vital tool in clearing the  first crucial  step to get your dream job.  Make it to each and every  recruitment  interview  using  this vital  tool  that  you  cannot  afford to miss.