This is the Perfect course to learn  Web Development  as a refresher course for anyone. Anyone can learn this course and go from a complete beginner to an advanced Web Developer in the matter of weeks.

In this course, you will learn the skills required to become a professional Web Developer. I'm so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your experience.You will be ready to become a fully-fledged, confident and capable Web Developer.

Web Application Development course overview

1.HTML  Course Content:

Introduction To HTML

Structure Of HTML

Basic Tags

Attributes & VALUES

Comments , Header Tags

Font tag

Image tag

Link Tags:

Text Linking

Image Linking

Marquee Tag


Order List

Unorder List

Definition List

Table Tag

Form tags

Frame Tag

Background Colors & Images

Embed Multimedia - Movie, Music

Introduction To XHTML

Difference Between HTML & XHTML

Introduction To Doctypes

2.CSS Course Content:

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Types of CSS

CSS Selectors

Universal Selector

ID Selector ,Tag Selector

Class Selector , Sub Selector

Child Combinatory Selector

Adjacent Sibling Selector

Attribute Selector

Group selector

First-line and First-letter selector

Before and After Selector

CSS Properties

Type Properties

Background Properties

Block Properties

Box Properties

List Properties

Border Properties

Positioning Propeties

Realtime Implementation

Converstion of Table to CSS Layout

CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical)

Form Designing

3.JQUERY Course Content:

JQuery Features

Installing jQuery

jQuery Syntax

jQuery Ready Function

jQuery Selectors

jQuery Actions

jQuery plugins



Environment Setup

Syntax Overview

Variable Types


Operator Types

Decision Making

Loop Types



Web Concepts


File Inclusion

Files & I/O




Sending Emails

File Uploading

Coding Standard

5.Working on live project with clients